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Pictures and Internet Marketing


Pictures and Internet Marketing

Pictures are very important segment in Internet Marketing. This text is in "Site Traffic" category, and many people will say that there is not any connection between pictures and site traffic. But it is not true and we will prove it in the following text. As an important segment in Internet Marketing, description of importance of pictures requires few texts. In this text we will write about the most important things about pictures.

Many users of the Internet come from undeveloped countries. They usually need to spedt a lot of time waiting for opening of the web page. If there are a lot of pictures on the page, they will need few minutes to open the same one. If they want to see a lot of web sites, they will need a lot of time. In that case, they may become nervous, and they will try to find some other page with a less number of pictures.

This is a signal to you to be carefull about pictures. If you put a lot of them on your web page, you could lose many visitors. Did you ever think why Yahoo or some other popular sites have a small number of pictures on their pages? We already mentioned the most important reason for it.

This doesn't mean that you don't have to put pictures or images on your pages at all. Text without any image is boring. You have to find picture which is not big (not bigger then 300x300 pixels, 15kb). This image must contain something connected with theme of the text. This will made your text more interesting for visitors, and if you apply fore rules, it is almost impossible to lose your visitor.

Your problem could be finding adequate picture for some texts. There are a lot of themes which require some special picture (i.e. Internet Marketing). Sometimes it is harder to find adequate image, then to write a text. But if you don't put any image on the page with some long text, that page is boring for a visitor.

It is recommended to put image in, even if you lose a lot of time to create it or to find it on the Internet. Beware, you can't put any old image, it is very important for picture to be connected with theme, because visitor has to understand why that picture is put there. If you have a text which contains more than 20,000 characters, it is recommanded to put more then one image.

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