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Associate and Affiliate Programs


High site traffic is the first condition for profit on Internet. There are many devices for increasing your site traffic and one of them is to set up your own associate or affilate program. But be very careful when you choose some of these programs.

If you have site for selling products it is important to pay associate after they sold product. If you have some other type of non-commercial Internet site, it is not crucial to choose associate program. In this case it is enough to make your own affiliate program. Why?

If you have strictly commercial site which sells products and choose affiliate program, this program could brought you 10,000 new visitors, but without any sale. Then you have a problem: you must pay to affiliate partners, but you didn't make any profit. If you choose associate program, you will be able to pay your associate partners, because of the fact that you are paying associates only when your product is sold, so you can't lose any money.

In case that you have non-commercial sites, where site-traffic is the most important, not purchases of products, it is enough to choose affiliate program. If affiliate program brought to you 50,000 visitors, it is enough reason to pay affiliates and not to make loses.

So for a commercial site choose associate program to increase your purchases. If you have non-commercial site, affiliate program is good for increasing site traffic. The biggest barrier is the cost of installing the software to keep track of all your associates, affiliates, traffic, and sales generated. There are also few other expenses, which are minor costs.

You will get a lot of e-mails with some dumb questions. Many people want to earn money and to be "associate or affiliate", but they don't know what to do for that money, they just want to receive check. Be prepared to answer very reasonable questions and some obscure ones… there are all kinds of people out there.

This is good way to increase your traffic, but it is recommended to use it after using all free ways of promotion or parallel with these ways. If you have good site, these programs will bring you many new visitors or customers and you will improve your site traffic.

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