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Yahoo is the most popular and the most visited site and portal for last two years. Case Study of this portal haven't been never published officialy. Many experts in Internet marketing gave various explanations of the secret of success, but we are sure in one thing - we will present you one of the biggest sites in the history of Internet.

People always talk about Yahoo as a search engine, but the truth is that Yahoo is a directory, not a search engine! It means that none of the words in your meta tags or the body of your page have any influence in ranking. Yahoo sends a human being to look at and evaluate your site or web page. The human being may make changes to the listing or may decide not to list it at all.

If your submission is accepted, you should get an e-mail with following message: "The URL you submitted has been added to Yahoo! It will appear after our next update, which will probably occur within the next 2-4 days. You can find your listing at that time by looking through the "What's New" listing or by doing a keyword search. In order to keep Yahoo! accurate, please let us know of changes to your listing in the future.".

From time to time, your listing will just appear in Yahoo! and you will not get notification, so, before you get mad, check to see if you're listed. Your site will then appear on the What's New page and then be moved to the category or subcategory where it belongs. If you are submitting a commercial or business site, it must be submitted in the Business and Economy category and some of the submissions in Business and Economy subcategories requires a payment.

If your site is listed and you wish to change the title, URL, description or content, or you want to remove URL, use following address.

When you want to find some URLs which contains particular theme, use +, - and " operators. For example if you are watching for rock music, you must type "rock music" in user's query and then click on Search button. If you are watching for punk and rock music, our recommendation is to type: punk +rock, and then click on Search button. Then you will get results from five Yahoo areas: Yahoo! Categories, Yahoo! Web Sites, Yahoo! Web Pages, Related News, Events.

Yahoo is organized in a very simple and effective way. The directory is very easy to use, helpful, and almost necessary to everyone. Its categories are organized in the best possible way.

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