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HotBot became popular couple of years ago as a search engine with the largest database. HotBot is merged with Lycos, who has merged with Terra, the Europen search engine. HotBot gets its primary search results from Inktomi and Lycos, but HotBot uses its own search criteria to rank listings. HotBot also offers very simple advanced search, which will help you to get high-quality results in your searching.

According to HotBot team, your entry should appear on HotBot in about 3 or 4 weeks, but the truth is that 60 days is much more realistic period. Two or three weeks after submission on the Add URL form, HotBot's spider, Slurp/2.0, will visit your site. This spyder will visit your site almost every 60 days and pick up any changes which may have occurred.

In the user's search query you can use operators +, - or ". Common words like "net" or "web" are ignored during phrase searches by HotBot. For example, if you type phrase "web marketing" in user's search query, HotBot will rank listings by keyword "marketing". It means that common word "web" will be excluded.

The most important tags for a good ranking of your site are title, meta keywords and document length. You can submit up to 50 pages from each domain in a 24-hour period. There is one bad habit on HotBot: it is not unusual that without apparent reason your URL disappears from database of HotBot. HotBot team says that the reason could be technical problems and suggest that if this happens to your site, you resubmit it.

There is a 48-hour delay on direct submissions while HotBot's robot checks for spamming. There are very serious penalties for spam sites or pages. If you want to change or remove your entry, do not use “Submit a Web Site” page. This page is for sites which are not in the database only. HotBot will ignore resubmissions of URLs which are in the index. To change or remove your entry, all you have to do is await a visit of HotBot's spyder.

We hope that this text will improve your knowledge with information about one of the general search engines. HotBot is very popular and important search engine for webmasters and ordinary users as well. HotBot's advanced search is very easy. If you are user at novice level it will help you to learn how to use any advanced search, easier or harder for use.

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