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This text will help webmasters and ordinary surfers to understand characteristics of Altavista. Webmasters will get information which is valuable for subscribing or removing pages on Altavista. Ordinary surfers will learn many interesting characteristics of Altavista which will help them searching the Internet.

You probably know that Altavista is one of search engines with one of the biggest base of URL's in the world of Internet. It is interesting that Altavista owns Raging.com, their answer to Google. Raging is strictly a search site, without portal features. It allows users to search for the Internet content, images, shopping information, chat groups, video and audio files.

Altavista team claims that their search index is the largest on the Net. They are using "connectivity graph" that analyzes links from 1.2 billion pages. From those pages, they crawl the top 550 million. Dead links, spam pages and duplicates are removed from base, reducing the index to 350 million listings. They rank Web pages based on keywords, popularity, and associated links.

There are two ways to submit to AltaVista. The first one is free method. If you go to the “Submit” page and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can put your URL into the “Add or Remove a Page” field. This will submit the site into AltaVista’s search engine, as well as Raging.com. More expensive way is to use the “Express Submit” method. This will cost $199.00, but is currently the only way to get into AltaVista’s directory. Your submission will be reviewed within 48 hours. The second method is the same as Yahoo's new method of "Fast Submit".

AltaVista has software which looks for spam pages, and Altavista team claims that they spend a lot of valuable time looking for spam. If detected, spam sites or pages may be blacklisted from AltaVista. They don't allow URL submissions from a customer who spams the index and will exclude all such pages from the index.

Spam pages considered by AltaVista are pages that contain only links to other pages, pages with text that is either too small or not visible, submitting the same pages from multiple domains, duplication of content, pages with off-topic or excessive keywords, machine-generated pages with minimal or no content whose purpose is to get a user to click to another page, pages with primary intent to redirect user to some another page, submitting the same content from multiple hosts.

To remove a page from Altavista, simply resubmit the URL, and the spider will go to it again, find "not found" status, and it will disappear from AltaVista within a few days. If you wish to remove a page which is valid, you will need to write a robots.txt file for the site.

We hope that your Internet knowledge has improved with one more lesson about main search engines! We suggest you to read other texts about search engines in order to complete your knowledge about them. That will help you to be profesional webmaster or to surf easy and without problems in case you are an ordinary user of the Internet.

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