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Purchasing of Associate Software


Purchasing your own associate/affiliate software is recommended for high-traffic sites. This software is expensive, but if you have high site traffic it is payable for you. It can make a lot of money in your pocket.

Some of the Associate Program software packages for under $700 are very low quality. They don't have the proper tracking mechanisms. They can't handle a variety of situations. It could be happend to have trouble with real time statistics. There are many programs which can't accept some of the most used credit cards. The good associate software sells for $5000 and even $7000 and more. But even if software is so expensive, it is not impossible to get some garbage, so be very careful.

We have found cheap, but good associate software called AssocTRAC. This program costs about $1000, but it is high-quality software for that price. If you want to buy your own software, for more then 5000 associates, try some other, but for a couple of thousands this software is enough.

Purchasing of your own associate software is very big investment, so be very carefull when you choose it. This software is primarily made for small business. You must find many associates after purchasing, so promotion of your program is necessairly to get profit from sales. In this case, it is recommended to use Associate programs search engines and web directories. Don't forget to put terms and conditions for your program before sign up form. It is very important, especially for affiliate programs.

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