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Submitting on Search Engines


In this text you will find many URLs which are used for submitting on major search engines. You don't have to lose your time in searching for submit forms on every search engine, you will get it all here on this page.

Some search engines, like Yahoo!, have special forms for changing description or removing URL. You will find all URLs of these forms. This page will be refreshed very often with new informations. Bookmark this page and you will have all informations about submitting on search engines at one place.

Yahoo - Site Submit Area: Navigate to the category most appropriate, use the small "suggest a site" link. The second possibillity is to visit this URL and submit your site. It is almost impossible to get listed in Yahoo these days, unless you are willing to pay for banner advertising or $200.00 for their Express Service. Each submission to Yahoo is reviewed by a human, if they like your site, your site will be added to the directory. If you want to change or remove your entry on Yahoo!, visit this URL.

Google - Page Submit Area. Link popularity and link quality are very important. They've also added the Open Directory to their search results. Google continues to grow in importance as it's search results are accurate, and it is very simple to submit pages to it. Google is the first search engine with 1 billion URLs in its database, which means - be careful, this is very important search engine.

AltaVista - Site Submit Area. One of the oldest and best search engines. A simple URL (web page address) is all that's required to submit a page.

MSN Search - Site Submit Area. There is a form requiring URL, category, email address, description and title. If you try submit more than one url form the same web site within a 24 hour period an error message will be sent to you. This search engine use Inktomi technology.

Excite - To submit your site on this search engine, visit this address. There is a small form to fill out. Excite has a habit of binging and purging pages. One month you'll have hundreds of pages indexed and the next month only your home page. Be sure to link all your pages together to increase your stickiness in this engine. Excite continues to be a default search engine in the Internet Explorer 5.0 browser.

HotBot - Web Site Submit Area. An URL and email address are required to submit to this search engine. It uses custom filtered Inktomi results through Direct Hit technology. Growth is due in part to an ongoing print and television advertising campaigns. This search engine is owned by Lycos. Good position on search results could bring you a lot of visitors.

Lycos - Page Submit Area. An url and email address are all that are required to submit your site. Lycos' T-Rex is notoriously slow to add spidered sites and it may take three months or more before your site finally shows up in the index. But thanks to a new partnership with FAST (alltheweb.com), Lycos is now using a custom filtered FAST database for web search results, and your pages are likely to show up within weeks.

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