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Our recommendation is to put this page into Favorites folder of your browser, because it will help you to search Internet very easy and with many search engines. This page is primarily for beginners and ordinary users of the Internet. You have a little guide near every user's query. These guides will help you to search World Wide Web with certain search engine.

Yahoo - This directory is the most visited in last 2 or 3 years. It is high-quality directory. In this user's query you may use operators: "+" (which substitutes "and"), "-" (which substitutes "not"), or quatation-marks (when you want phrase). It is also important to say that if you type radix you will get all words that contains that radix. In search results you will get results from five Yahoo areas: Yahoo! Categories, Yahoo! Web Sites, Yahoo! Web Pages, Related News, Events.

AltaVista - AltaVista team says that this is search engine with the biggest database on the Internet. Its advanced search is the most complicated, but also the best advanced search on the Net. Using user's query, you can use operators + (which means and), - (which means not), " (when you want phrase). You can use also * when you need abbreviations in searching. At the top of the page which contains search results, there are some related searches. That searches were often following searches like you made. For example, if you type "music" in user's query and click on Search button, related searches will contain: rock music, techno music, punk music... It means that other users often type: rock, techno or punk music, after first search with keyword music. Related searches will give you advices for better and high-quality searches.

Google - This is search engine with the largest number of indexed web pages in the world. But, except large number of indexed pages, this search engine will give you very quality search results. You can use operators such as +, -, " in the search query. You can also use keywords or phrases for searching. Google is the first search engine which has indexed a billion web pages. It is very simple designed search engine, and on a home page you can see the number of indexed web pages at the moment.

Overture (ex GoTo) - In a short period (less then 3 years) Overture became one of the most popular general search engine. This search engine was founded in 1998. and now it is in top 50 sites on the Internet. Secret of success is probably high-quality results and big promotion. You should use all operators in user's query: +, -, " ", * .

Ask Jeeves - Ask Jeeves is classic search engine. There are no important additional services, but it is important to say that you can see the list of most visited sites from Ask Jeeves search results. This is relatively short list with many most visited sites on the Internet, so there is not some specific adaptability of this list. However, for searching you can use keywords and phrases, and also operators such as +, -, ",*.

HotBot - If we talk about searching only, HotBot is the best search engines. It has many advantages in regard other search engine. But if we talk about search engine as portal or site, there are many other better sites and portals. You can search with this search engine using operators and phrases, but you can't use abbreviations in searching. Very big database, easy advanced search and high-quality results guarantee quality and easy search. There is one more opportunity: you can easily search only sites with multimedial, audio, video, shockwave contents.

Lycos - Not so long ago Lycos made some changes in its system of searching: from WebCrawling Search Engine system it changes into manual directory. The biggest part of visits come from USA. Lycos ignore following symbols &, %, =, $ or ?. Operators like +, - or " " are advisable in searching. Search results are sorted in a very simple way and it is very good.

About - This is human edited web directory. We can say that this is web directory with the best and easier classification. Categories are organized in the best possible way. Database of About is not as big as databases of other main general search engines or directories, but it has high-quality URL's and doesn't contain dead links or spam pages. Generally, this is very good directory and you should check it.

Internet Cruiser - This is Yugoslavian search engine. It is only web portal from Yugoslavia. Use this search engine for the best search results from Yugoslavia, or for the latest news from this country.

Internet Cruiser Yugoslavia

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