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Quality searching by general search engines


How to find something what I need on the net easily? This is frequently asked question without universal or single answer, but with many possible ways. Following text will introduce you one of them.

General search engines are sites with the highest traffic on the Internet. Most of them are web portals. They exactly grown up from ordinary search engines to web portals with the same aim - to make their traffic higher.

Quality of searching on these search engines is object of many critics. Many experts say that searching results from these search engines are quality only in case that user does not need know how information or data. In case that user need specialized information it is recommendable for him to use specialized search engines.

But, many practice cases are extreme opposite of this proposition. However, large number of general search engines ensures that you can get quality search results. All you have to do is to use search queries of few general search engines and to compare search results.

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