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Introduction to Search Engines


Introduction to Search Engines

Searching is one of the most used actions on the Internet. Search engines as an instrument of searching, are very popular and frequently used sites. This is the reason why webmasters and every ordinary user on the Internet, must have good knowledge about search engines and searching.

Webmasters use major search engines for submitting their sites on it, and for searching. Ordinary users use major search engines primarily for searching, and sometimes for submitting their homepages or small sites.

Why search engines are so popular? If you are ordinary user and you want to find some texts or pictures about certain theme, first thing you will do is to visit search engine to get some good URLs about certain theme. This will happen every time you need some information or data about any theme.

If you are webmaster, you will also need some information while preparing site for the Web, and you will also use search engines. Then, when you finish with it, you must submit your URL to many search engines. After that you will check your URL ranking on every search engine... There are also hot news on every major search engine, many other interesting contents... All of this shortly describes why search engines are so popular.

As a user at novice level you must learn how to use search engines for searching the Internet. You must know that there are two ways of searching: by using user's query or by using categories. If you have keywords or phrase that best describes the theme you need, you should use user's query. But if you need some theme, and you don't have keywords or phrase, you should use categories.

If you use user's query, you should type keyword or phrase in this form and click on "search". Then you will get search results, and you can choose URL, which is the best in your opinion. If you use categories, you should click on category that best describes the theme you need. You will then get subcategories and should choose some subcategory that best describes the theme you are after. Repeat this action until you find group of URLs, which content is related with theme you want.

As a webmaster you must submit your URL to all major search engines. This is the way to promote your site. You could get many visits from major search engines, if you have a good ranking of your URL. We made page with URLs which takes you to submit forms of major search engines. You will not lose your valuable time on searching for these forms, all of them are on one page.

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