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Scooter - AltaVista's spider (robot).

Search Engine - A program which acts like a library card catalog for the Internet. Search engines attempt to help a user isolate desired information or resources by searching for keywords that the user specifies. The method for finding this information is usually done by maintaining an index of Web resources that can be queried for the keywords or concepts entered by the user. The index can be built from specific resource lists or created by Web wanderers, robots, spiders, crawlers, and worms.

Slurp - Search Engine HotBot have its robot (spyder) named Slurp.

Snail Mail - Normal postal mail, where an actual physical letter or package is delivered. The term didn't exist until e-mail became so prevalent that there was a requirement to differentiate the two. Obviously, the term was invented by e-mail aficionados as a small barb directed at the relative slowness of physical transportation. Snailmail is sometimes spelled as two separate words, snail mail.

Specialty Search Engine - This is search engine which contains only certain URLs in its database. There are Specialty Search Engines for music, nature, e-zines, software...

Sponsorships - Sponsorship is the process of integrating an advertisers messages with Web content on an exclusive basis. Examples of this are transitions ads with "brought to you by" messages, consistent co-branding of a section of content with the advertiser's icon "sponsored by ".

Spyder - This is search engine robot. Every time you add URL to some search engine, robot or spyder will visit it to get informations about keywords and theme of your site.

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