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Still having problem finding something?


Here is a typical problem: you got conditions, keywords or anything you need for good searching, but you can't put all of that in user's searching query. In this case, you can use Advanced Search.

There are many phrases for this type of search: Super Search, Power Search, etc. Some of these searches are very complicated, especially for begginers. But when you learn how to use it, you will use it very often. You can skip some questions, if it is not important for your searching. More conditions you have - you will get better results.

This way of searching is very important for users which are looking for some very popular theme, like music. If you type just "music" in user's query you will get few thousands of URLs that contains something about music. But if you use Advanced Search, you can put a lot of important conditions in a form, and get a high-quality results without thousands of URLs.

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