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E-zine - some advices


E-zine - some advices

Mailing list is very important instrument of advertising. You can choose between e-zine (electronic magazine) and newsletter to send to your subscribers permanently. E-zine is an e-mail with few text about certain theme. Some of them are complete and subscriber can read it only in magazine. But some of them are not complete, and user must visit your site to complete text. That's the point of the magazine, to make your traffic higher, and this is the reason why e-zine is so important instrument of advertising.

If you choose newsletter, all you need to put in e-mail to your subscribers are news on your site. E-zine is in most causes better choice, because, you will get more subscribers. Surfer doesn't want, in every case, to subscribe just for news on your site. They need some more informations, which are not available on your site. So only e-zine is good choice in this case.

The biggest problem is how to make a large mailing list. If you want to make higher traffic every time you send magazine, you will need at least a couple of thousands subscribers. How?

First, give the subscriber a reason to subscribe. Many experts says that giving a reason to subsriber to subscribe will make your mailing list big. And the reason doesn't even have to be good. It looks funny, but, just using the word "because" will increase your response. Your site must be the instrument of advertising your magazine, and your magazine must be the instrument of advertising your site.

It is possible to make e-zine without site, or site without e-zine, but you will need at least triple harder work to make your site traffic high, or to make large mailing list. The privilege of having e-zine and site both, is a fact that you have more space for sponsor's ads. For advertising e-zine, it is recommended to swap ads with other similar e-zines. It will make your mailing list larger for free.

If you say my magazine is the best, no one will belive you. The best way to let people know that you have high-quality magazine is to have someone else tell them for you. So it is good if you get a testimonial or two about the content of your magazine. Then people will see how great your magazine is.

If you have some well-known and important testimonials for your magazine, use this to "sell" the content of your magazine. Selling of it could bring you a lot of money, but if you want to sell it, you must have some important testimonials and something unique to offer.

If you tie your subscription into being able to get something unique, and offer it for free, your subscriber rate will go through the roof. But if you require a fee for it, your mailing list will be smaller, but you will get a fee for every subscriber.

These are just a few advices of hundreds and hundreds advices. We will present you more and more advices in other texts, and that will help you to make large mailing list and high-traffic site.

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