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Domain names and its importance


Domain names became popular when you couldn't buy any .com, .net or .org domain you needed. It is necessary to register a domain name if you want to start good online business. But registering domain name is not enough on its own for online business. You also need a good site and a professional content as well as many other things. But here we will be talking only about domain names. Internet users regard .com, .net and .org domains for serious sites and they would rather visit these sites than sites with URL, for example: http://xoom.com/members/yutrend . You cannot say that www.yutrend.com is not better URL than www.geocities.com/SunSet/9257.

Next step is how to choose domain name. Problem is that many of good domain names are alredy registred and it is not easy to find a good one. There are couple of solutions to solve this problem. First one is to use prefixes, numbers or dashes and in that way try to find domain name which is adequate.

Second one is to read suggestions about domain names sold by certain services. For example, if you need www.onlineprograms.com, first solution would be www.online-programs.com or www.on-lineprograms.com. Second solution would be reading suggestions from selling site: www.myonlineprograms.com or www.eonlineprograms.com. All of this applies for .net or .org domain.

There is one more less popular solution: try to find some list of domain names which are expired because of non-payment or some other reason. That list is almost the same as some lists of available domain names, so it is very easy for use.

First step in registering domain name: you should try to register a name that will represent your business. It means that you should try to put some keywords in domain names. You must try few different combinations, including use of prefixes, numbers or dashes. If you can't find any appropiate domain name, you may register domain with any name, but you would need more money for promotion than if you had domain name which contains one important keyword.

Many experts will advice you to try registering with numbers in front of keyword or to try with more than one keywords. They say that it is good for a high ranking on searching engines, but we think that this is very discussable theme. We can not say that this is not correct, but if you try to search with several keywords, you will rarely get results with many domain names like this.

Domains of type .com, .net, .org are most popular, but not the only ones. There are more good domain types, for example: .ws, .cc, .tv, .it...

To register a domain name use the following form:


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