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Banners - generally


Banners - generally

One of the most important devices in Internet marketing is banner. You must create a banner but not only for promotion and adversting. Banner will become your logo. After frequently rotating it a lot of Internet users will associate it to your company or site whenever they see your banner. Once created banner should not be changed too often.

When first banner becomes your logo and when all users who saw first one are able to recognize that new banner is also yours, you may proceede with creating new one. Banner is only useful if user stops surfing and clicks on it. Because of that you must create interesting and very well designed banner.

It is very important that your banner accentuate some prize or privilege that your site or company offers. It is not unusual that you can see on some banner: "Get t-shirt for free". If you click on this banner you will see that it is necessery to buy some program first, and then you will get free t-shirt. This is very good example how to ensure user stopping his searching and clicking on your banner.

Maybe it is not absolutely fair, but you can not say it is cheating. In a couple of words you must describe that you offer moreover prize. If a purchase is necessary for your product or service , you must accentuate it. That is the way to win over your opponents. It is recommanded to use big, bold, blue font, because in 90% links are blue, so user is sure that your banner is some type of link. It is also recommanded to put some short animation on banner which loop indefinitely.

If you use this recommandation your banner will be always catchy, even if user look for something else. If you do not have animation on your banner, put label "click here". You can not assume that user knows that it is a banner - you have to tell him.

URL of your site is recommanded too, primarily if it is easy to remmember it. In that case, user will finish his searching or surfing, and after that will visit your site. Border around banner will emphasize it.

It is not necessary to follow all these advices for a good banner, but using most of them will make your banner attractive and special, and that might ensure lot of clicks on it. Generally, rules of design are relative, but they are changing every day. You will find a lot of strategies in banner design, and every one has something new. We will try to show you as many strategies as we can.

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